Doing art is to create daily life/日々をつくる芸術について



To create daily life. human being have pioneered their living and  create it in the nature.they cultivate land,built a house,grow plants,make foods,created life environment in the nature.

In contemporary society,it is prepared living situation so we can live without pioneering in the nature.

It is provided as product and service,If you have so much money,you can pass comfortable life. If you don't much money,you have to put up with leftovers of rich people.

In these 100 years,our lives were changed,now old times people's way of living is not have values. but is it proof that there is no value in like old times people's way of life?

Even if it does not prodeuce them as products and service,it might have another values.

Recently,camping is very popular and camping gears are good sales. that is,it is very popular to play in the nature. we can imagine that on e step ahead,not only play,we can choose to live in the nature.

If we live in the nature,we can get everything without money. there is not exist money economy in this area. in other words we can get everything by zero price.

For example to climb nobody have interesting and unknown lower mountains are more wild than to climb famous maintained mountains. In the true sense,to do camping such situation is to pass a time with nature.

For example a sea by no introducing magazine or website does not visit anybody. the sea is visited by only local people. the sea will be like luxury place like a private beach.

I would like to practice like that about daily life. For example a vacant house to not be able to sale as real estate,a land which nobody do not want to cultivate field,an environment which is not able to live without preparing,such place were leaved a lot in Japan.

But the land belong someone. He might have worried about unusable and no value asset. he have worried about it so long time then He might quit to think about it.

100 years ago to own land was success of life. To own field for growing foods was to independent. these which anybody wants were simbol as wealth. although these are lost a value and left over now. in this mean if you don't slective about conditions,you can get easier a house,a field,a land now.

I have practiced to remix my own living environment for these 5 years.

to find a vacant house as possible without spending money,to grow vegitables at Abandoned farmland. still There is still something I can do.

I would like to produce like need to live now by my hand without buying.

I named that idea "living art".

I have not  needed to worry about a house. generally  if there are a roof,floor,wall,a house can be useful as shelter. I have started to grow vegitables,potato,tomato,musterd spinach,green pepper,Macrophyll,basil. these are not easy.

I practice to cultivate field about a book "Wind, Sand and Star"(Saint-Exupéry)of begining sentence.


The land teach us about the human more than to read 10000 books. Because human is to resist to the land. For the first time when the human fight against a hurdle,they perform one's full potential. Only natural,tools is nessesaly to conquest the hurdle for the human.

they need a plow and need a plane.

in the result,while a farmer cultivates the land,they little by little quests a natural mystic.


my practices so many times failed but vegitables which from cultivation my field are lovely and delicious than buying them from any supermarkets. when I find overflowing love from a daily life,I feel happy.

I'm a married couple artists who make artworks with wife. our doing art might be not modern art. but to view from history of human being,I beleive to think deeply about "how to live",practice,write about it,to express as painting or statue,is true nature of art.